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Great American Mint Partners, LLC.

Great news!  On July 13, 2017, the United States Bankruptcy Court Central District of California, approved the purchase of Great American Mint Partners, LLC. to a new management group, Great American Mint Partners, LLC.  Since that time, GAMP, LLC has vastly improved the day to day operations of the company, by eliminating wasteful operations, updating the production processes, and streamlining unnecessary layers of management.  Because of these improvements, GAMP, LLC has created many new opportunities for not only dealers but also private investors in the precious metals market.  Follow us on Facebook, to stay informed of the exciting things that we have in store for the near future.

Great American Mint Partners, LLC. “Grammco” is a fully integrated precious metals company. The Company operates a state-of-the-art precious metals refinery, a world class bullion mint, an advanced precious metals analytical laboratory, and a full-service precious metals broker/dealer.

As a fully integrated buyer, refiner, manufacturer, and distributor, we successfully manage the entire metals lifecycle. This lifecycle includes buying, melting, analyzing, refining, casting, extruding, rolling, blanking, rimming, burnishing, striking, and distributing silver and gold bullion products.  Management of the entire metals lifecycle allows Grammco to maintain the highest quality controls throughout the entire process, keeping competitive pricing to its customers.

The Custom Bullion Mint

Our precious metals bullion mint is a world-class custom mint that melts, casts, extrudes, rolls, blanks, and strikes pure investment grade bullion products. We provide precious metal minting capacities to wholesale and retail bullion dealers, other commercial bullion mints, financial institutions, corporations, and governments worldwide. We own and operate some of the most advanced, efficient, and precise minting equipment in production today.


The Precious Metals Refinery

We are one of only several true “DIRECT SOURCE” buyers of scrap precious metals in the United States. We are not a middleman or consolidator. The company purchases karat gold, dental gold, sterling silver, dore bars, bullion, high-grade industrial scrap and other sources of scrap gold, silver, platinum and palladium products. Our refinery clients include many types of businesses including jewelers, precious metals dealers, gold buying companies, and industrial companies.  As a true refiner and end user, Grammco pays prices that are consistently higher than that of our competition.


The Advanced Analytical Laboratory

Our ultramodern assay laboratory ensures the highest quality of analysis. We employ some of the most sophisticated equipment utilized by refiners and manufacturers of precious metals products. Grammco chemists and technicians employ combinations of traditional fire assay, wet chemical analysis, atomic absorption, X-ray fluorescence, and other sophisticated instrumentation techniques to determine precise precious metal content. Our Inductively coupled plasma (ICP) equipment is so precise, we are able to detect precious metals content of scrap materials in parts per millions.


Our Wholesale and Retail Bullion Division

GRAMMCO Precious Metals Investment Brokerage makes markets in all precious metals. We have a wholesale operation for other dealers and a retail operation for individual consumers. Customers can buy and sell all types of precious metals through us.

We sell investment grade bullion products including sovereign coins (American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, etc.), internationally accepted bars (Johnson Matthey, Credit Suisse, etc.) as well as our own Great American Mint coins and bars of pure precious metals. In addition, we purchase gold, silver, platinum, and palladium from dealers and the general public.

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please feel free to contact us at 800-451-3599.


+0 332 548 954


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