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Our Facilities

The Grammco Facility

It took more than two years to build the Great American Mint and Refinery facility. Every aspect of our facility and its secured grounds were built with the latest technologies and advanced equipment. We fused the minds of the best architects, engineers, machinists, chemists, metallurgists, space planners, and security consultants to build a technologically advanced, fully integrated precious metals company.

Grammco Security

Security is an important aspect of our business. Grammco recognizes our responsibility to protect our employees and our customers’ valuable precious metals bullion and/or scrap as it flows through the refining process. Multiple weighing control points ensure proper accountability. Access is significantly restricted within the building and grounds using high security technology. Every room in the refinery, laboratory, and the mint, as well as every door entering the facility is equipped with the latest in biometric access controls. In addition, an extensive network of internal and external surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and sophisticated alarm systems ensure maximum security. Many additional security measures have been employed to ensure our facility is an extremely secure compound. Rest assured, your metals are safe at Grammco.

Environmental Compliance and Safety

Operating a fully integrated precious metals refining and manufacturing company in environmentally sensitive California requires extremely strict safety and environmental controls and practices. Personal and environmental safety is paramount to all of our operations. The company is proud of its closed loop environmentally sound processes and its advanced environmentally sound facility. We employ environmental standards that far exceed the requirements of local, state and federal statutes in order to ensure the safety of our employees and the environment. Great American Mint and Refinery, Inc. holds all necessary environmental and safety permits in good standing from all necessary local, state, and federal environmental agencies.

+0 332 548 954


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