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All you need is an idea or concept and our custom minting team will do everything else. Our graphic artists turn your concept into reality in relatively short order. Grammco promotes direct interaction to ensure your concept is fully realized.

Typical timeframe from idea to approved art is 5-10 days with standard graphic design costs of $300 per side.



Two dimensional designs like business cards, logos, and simple designs do not require a sculptor. However, detailed landscapes, portraits, and other extremely detailed designs require a hand sculpted plaster. Our contracted sculptors are skilled artisans who have created everything from national monuments to coins in circulation worldwide today.

Typical timeframe to create master sculpts is 14-21 days with sculpting fees ranging from $1,500 to $1,800 per side.



After your artwork and/or plaster sculpts are completed, working metal dies are created in order to “stamp” or “mint” the artwork onto your coins, bars or medallions. Our expert team of engravers ensures that your dies have sharp clean raised details. We handle annealing, heat-treating, frosting, and polishing of your dies.

Typical timeframe to create hardened steel dies in 7-10 days with die costs ranging from $600 to $800 per die (two dies required).



Once the steel dies are created, they are carefully placed into one of several of our hydraulic or mechanical presses to “stamp” or “coin” your rounds, bars or medallions. We use anywhere form 200 to 500 tons of pressure per strike to ensure a clean crisp design.

Typical timeframe to mint your custom products is 7-14 days from completion of the steel dies. Minting costs range depending on the quantity and finish required. Call for a quote.



Many packaging options are available for every project. We offer simple packaging like tubes that hold 20 medallions, individual air-tight plastic holders, beautiful leatherette or solid wood boxes, etc. We ship worldwide using several carriers. Most domestic USA shipping is through FEDEX.

We ship your product immediately after the job is completed and packaged; usually within 24 hours of minting your custom products. All costs are FOB our facility. We ship worldwide.



All You Need Is A Concept And Our Custom Minting Division Will Provide Everything Else.

Small dealers and industry giants trust us to produce custom-designed products for them. Great American Mint has produced custom coins and tokens for individuals looking for a few keepsakes for a wedding or birthday on up to tens of thousands of custom minted coins for the largest precious metals dealers globally.

All you need is an idea or concept and our team will provide everything else. From custom die designs and sculpted engravings, to metal management and hedging functions, the GRAMMCO team makes it an easy and enjoyable process for you. Our skilled staff of engravers, metallurgists, and engineers is committed to the highest standards of design and workmanship. In addition to our core business of investment quality bullion for dealers, we also mint:

  • Custom Awards and Incentive Products for Companies
  • Commemorative Pieces for Organizations and Non-Profits
  • Custom Medallions and Coins for Individuals

Whether you are a coin dealer interested in branding your own custom silver or gold rounds, or an individual looking for that perfect keepsake for a wedding or other special event, Great American Mint can provide you with beautiful products. It’s a simple and enjoyable creative process.



Whether you want a special medallion, token or bar to commemorate a birthday, wedding, religious event, political affiliation, holiday or any number of unique events, Great American Mint can turn your concept into a memorable keepsake. We handle small projects of just a few dozen special pieces to larger orders of many thousands. See the set-up costs in the 5 Step Process above to see if your project is affordable.



Many Companies like to celebrate milestones by producing special commemorative medallions or awards. In addition, awards made from base or precious metals can be created for high production employees or customers. Whether you are celebrating 25 years in business or honoring the accomplishments of your employees, Great American Mint can help you commemorate the event. Just give us a call with a concept and we can handle everything else.



Would you like a business card that is memorable and tangible? Great American Mint can help you set your business apart from the competition with copper, bronze or other base metal business cards. Most logos are two-dimensional which makes for affordable design and set-up. Call us for a quote and set your business apart from the competition with a business card nobody wants to discard.



Great American Mint is the “mint of choice” for many customers worldwide. Our graphic artists, sculptors, die-makers, minting staff, and shipping department are experienced and capable of creating beautiful bullion products for dealers and companies worldwide. In addition, if desired and if your product appeals to investors and collectors in the USA, Great American Mint may act as your north American distributor of products produced for you. Call or email us for more details.

Let our skilled artisans turn your concept or idea into a bullion product you are proud to distribute in your own local markets ~ or worldwide.

From A Batch Of Keepsakes To A Run of 50,000

Small dealers and industry giants trust us to product custom-designed products for them. Great American Mint has produced custom coins and tokens for individuals looking for a few keepsakes for a wedding or birthday on up to tens of thousands of custom minted coins for the largest precious metal dealers globally.

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I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you how much I appreciate the incredible workmanship that went into creating my company business card coin. It is a masterpiece. Thank you again! - M.A. Catona

We recently produced an order of custom 10oz. .999 Premium Silver Bars with Great American Mint. We received excellent service and clear communication. We were ecstatic about the finished product! - InnerWorkings

I enjoyed the tour of the facility and found your shop to be clean, safe, and well organized in addition to fascinating. I have a much better understanding of the craftsmanship and skill that goes into your products. Your Silversmiths must rank among the best so it is no wonder your whole line of bars and rounds are so superior to other silver products I have seen and bought. Please extend my gratitude to everyone at GRAMMCO for helping make my dream a reality. - Dan S.

Great American Mint is the third company that I have shipped scrap silver to, and by a far margin this is the best experience. The personal service, fast turnaround, high pay-out, and communication are all more than expected. I chose several different designs of freshly minted silver rounds by Great American Mint as payment and the coins were of exceptional quality and design. Looking forward to doing more business in the near future. - John P.

I would just like to thank the entire Great American Mint team for the quality "Swierczynski Silver" bars you produced for me. They are simply beautiful and I am postively thrilled. The whole experience of working with your mint was exceptional. From understanding my design ideas and bringing them to fruition, to finding a price point that was comfortable, plus the professionalism and courtesy extended made the experience second to none. - D. Swierczynski

I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you how much I appreciate the incredible workmanship that went into creating my company business card coin. It is a masterpiece. Thank you again! - M.A. Catona

Wanted to thank the staff at Gramco for doing such a fantastic job on our first coin; Forsaken. Everyone we've spoken to about the coin loves how the antique finish turned out. The quality of the strikes along with the fast turnaround time really made this project top notch. We would highly recommend your services for companies looking for high quality and excellent customer service. - John P.

Thank you for all of your assistance in helping us create a wonderful piece to honor our grandmother. Thank you again for helping expedite the process and making it possible for her to see the piece before passing. She was delighted with it. All the best, M. Chu

A Special thanks to the Great American Mint & Refinery for producing our Flagship Bullion Round, Your attention to detail and personal service has made our project possible! Thank-you again! - R. Ball

As a Veteran of the war, it meant a lot to me to personally acknowledge others who were in the Korean War when creating this custom minted round. All who see the rounds really like them and remark about the quality. I am pleased with how everyone at Grammco did their best to complete the project in a professional manner. - R. Skoles

+0 332 548 954


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