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Extremely Competitive Prices
For Precious Metals Scrap


Simply complete the online application. This requires basic customer information, company name, address, payout method, etc. We can usually have you approved within just a few short minutes of receipt of your completed application.


Simply send us your scrap metals, including the weights for each metal type, along with your name and account number. ~ Alternatively, many local customers prefer to bring their metals into our facility where you can watch the entire process and obtain immediate payment.


Our ultramodern laboratory ensures the highest quality analysis. GRAMMCO’s chemists and technicians employ combinations of traditional fire assay, wet chemical analysis, X-ray fluorescence, and other sophisticated instrumentation techniques to determine precise metal content. Feel free to bring your lot personally and witness the entire process!


After weighing in your metals, melting them, re-weighing them, and analyzing their content, GRAMMCO settles your account and notifies you of the results. This typically all occurs within the same day your lot is received or alternatively, within an hour of dropping your lot off directly at the refinery.


GRAMMCO provides immediate payment on all settlements. Customers may elect to obtain payment via a wire transfer, company check, precious metals or leave metals in their GRAMMCO pool account.



Great American Mint and Refinery, Inc. “Grammco” is a fully integrated precious metals company. The Company operates a state-of-the-art precious metals refinery, a world-class bullion mint, an advanced precious metals analytical laboratory, and a full service precious metals broker/dealer.    As a fully integrated manufacturer and distributer, we successfully manage the entire metals lifecycle. This lifecycle includes melting, analyzing, refining, casting, extruding, rolling, blanking, rimming, burnishing, striking, and distributing precious metals bullion products.

GRAMMCO is one of only several true “DIRECT SOURCE” buyers of scrap precious metals in the United States. We are not a middleman or consolidator. The company purchases the following types of metals from dealers nationwide:

  • Karat gold
  • Sterling Silver
  • Dore Bars
  • Bullion
  • High-Grade Industrial Scrap
  • Other Sources of Precious Metals High-Grade Scrap

Our refinery clients include many types of businesses including jewelers, precious metals dealers, gold buying companies, and industrial companies.  As a true refiner and end user, Grammco pays prices that are consistently higher than that of our competition.

Top Rates Paid To Supply Our Mint

We’ve cut out the middle man. You supply our mint so we pay you more money. Plain and simple. As a fully-integrated, leading precious metals refinery and full-service mint we control 100% of the metals lifecycle which enables us to provide our clients with the highest industry payouts.

We’re the buyer, the refiner, the manufacturer, and the end user. This allows us to offer our clients extremely competitive prices for precious metals scrap, because we need scrap metals to operate an efficient bullion minting business.

100% Accurate Guaranteed Analysis

Our ultramodern laboratory ensures the highest quality analysis. GRAMMCO`s chemists and technicians employ combinations of traditional fire assay, wet chemical analysis, atomic absorption, X-ray fluorescence, and other sophisticated instrumentation techniques to determine precise metal content.

Our state-of-the-art inductively coupled plasma equipment is so precise, it detects precious metals content of scrap materials in parts per millions.

100% Process Transparency

From the moment your lot arrives at the GRAMMCO facility, you’re able to keep an eye on every part of the process, either in-person at our Anaheim, California facility or by logging in to our proprietary “Eyes On” video security feed.

“Eyes On” provides clients web-based access to view the entire refining and settlement process as it happens in our facility. From assays and weighing to final settlement, GRAMMCO clients enjoy a completely transparent, open-door policy.

Advanced Refining Technologies

Great American Mint and Refinery employs state-of-the-art technologies for refining both gold and silver in our efficient and environmentally friendly “ zero discharge” facility. We react scrap gold with Aqua Regia in custom designed borosilicate glass reactors that are equipped with refrigerated reflux condensers, Teflon agitators, and NOx eliminators.

Our silver refinery uses reagent grade nitric acid, and ultra-high purity silver nitrate, both of which are manufactured in-house. We use custom built and ultra efficient Wasas-Thum Electrolytic Silver Refining Cells to decompose the scrap silver and convert it into 999.9 Fine pure silver crystals for use in manufacturing silver coins. The company is proud of its closed loop environmentally sound processes and its advanced environmentally sound facility. We employ environmental standards that far exceed the requirements of local, state and federal statutes in order to ensure the safety of our employees and the environment.

Respected For Integrity & Service

Our success is based upon customer trust and respect. At GRAMMCO, we foster a culture of ethics, strong moral integrity, fair dealing, and open communications. Our goal is to take the apprehension out of the process so our customers feel comfortable that their lots are handled in a manner that leaves no questions as to accuracy and value. We consistently provide levels of service that exceed customer expectations.

The GRAMMCO management team is comprised of industry professionals with significant experience managing some of the globe’s largest precious metals companies in Europe, South America and The United States.

I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you how much I appreciate the incredible workmanship that went into creating my company business card coin. It is a masterpiece. Thank you again! - M.A. Catona

We recently produced an order of custom 10oz. .999 Premium Silver Bars with Great American Mint. We received excellent service and clear communication. We were ecstatic about the finished product! - InnerWorkings

I enjoyed the tour of the facility and found your shop to be clean, safe, and well organized in addition to fascinating. I have a much better understanding of the craftsmanship and skill that goes into your products. Your Silversmiths must rank among the best so it is no wonder your whole line of bars and rounds are so superior to other silver products I have seen and bought. Please extend my gratitude to everyone at GRAMMCO for helping make my dream a reality. - Dan S.

Great American Mint is the third company that I have shipped scrap silver to, and by a far margin this is the best experience. The personal service, fast turnaround, high pay-out, and communication are all more than expected. I chose several different designs of freshly minted silver rounds by Great American Mint as payment and the coins were of exceptional quality and design. Looking forward to doing more business in the near future. - John P.

I would just like to thank the entire Great American Mint team for the quality "Swierczynski Silver" bars you produced for me. They are simply beautiful and I am postively thrilled. The whole experience of working with your mint was exceptional. From understanding my design ideas and bringing them to fruition, to finding a price point that was comfortable, plus the professionalism and courtesy extended made the experience second to none. - D. Swierczynski

I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you how much I appreciate the incredible workmanship that went into creating my company business card coin. It is a masterpiece. Thank you again! - M.A. Catona

Wanted to thank the staff at Gramco for doing such a fantastic job on our first coin; Forsaken. Everyone we've spoken to about the coin loves how the antique finish turned out. The quality of the strikes along with the fast turnaround time really made this project top notch. We would highly recommend your services for companies looking for high quality and excellent customer service. - John P.

Thank you for all of your assistance in helping us create a wonderful piece to honor our grandmother. Thank you again for helping expedite the process and making it possible for her to see the piece before passing. She was delighted with it. All the best, M. Chu

A Special thanks to the Great American Mint & Refinery for producing our Flagship Bullion Round, Your attention to detail and personal service has made our project possible! Thank-you again! - R. Ball

As a Veteran of the war, it meant a lot to me to personally acknowledge others who were in the Korean War when creating this custom minted round. All who see the rounds really like them and remark about the quality. I am pleased with how everyone at Grammco did their best to complete the project in a professional manner. - R. Skoles

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